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September 6, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 Amy Valm 1

Sweet breakfast omelette with toasted nuts, honey and lemon curd.

Ahh the sweet scrumptious breakfast omelette, sister to savoury omelette, and also the more healthy cousin to pancakes, crepes and toast! Lower in carbohydrates and in protein this will certainly satisfy all egg enthusiasts (and hopefully convert a couple of!). This really is certainly a recipe I needed to reveal to you all!

Why a Sweet Omelette?

I do not eat Toast. Well not so frequently anyway*. Toast just doesn’t get it done for me personally (too dry mostly). (If you still can serve this on toast). It's my job to attempt to have something a bit more healthy. (Have you ever checked out the label’s of all bread nowadays? Otherwise take a look, they're mostly filled with chemical preservatives and not-healthy chemical elements!).

My usual breakfast meals are individuals for example porridge (if prepared well), a eco-friendly smoothie (packed with an excellent source of body fat), fruit, nuts and yogurt or eggs or leftover dinners. Eggs being certainly one of the best meals, and that's why this recipe came into being. But mostly this recipe came into being since i wanted something to place lemon curd on and me Not a large toast-eater had an epiphany- I figured yes I'll create a SWEET omelette with lemon curd- a kind of sweet form of eggs Benedict! So the Sweet Breakfast Omelette was created!

Some information on the Sweet Breakfast Omelette

This omelette is milk free and could be dairy free if you are using coconut oil rather than butter. It's also grain free (meaning no gluten- though if you're causeing this to be for somebody who's gluten intolerant attempt to make certain your devices are from flour as even some flour might be dangerous for them). I additionally didn’t add any sugar towards the mixture (though I've choices to add honey and fruit for everyone by using it).

– – –

Sweet Breakfast Omelette

Time: 10-fifteen minutes (or fewer)

Makes: 1


  • 2 whole eggs, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon. vanilla flavoring
  • 1 T. clarified butter/ghee or coconut oil, to prepare with
  • optional for everyone: (see below for ideas).


  1. Inside a bowl beat the vanilla using the eggs until thick. Put aside.
  2. Warmth the butter within the fry pan on medium warmth up until the butter has melted and began bubbling.
  3. Add some egg mixture in to the pan ensuring the mix is also spread round the pan.
  4. Prepare until it's firm and all sorts of liquid has cooked. Fold the omelette over itself after which serve the way you like.
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