Sweet Potato and White Potato

August 13, 2015
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Well, the reply is not really that exciting. To put it simply, there's several kind of yams. Many are the vibrant orange-fleshed ones we are accustomed to, but other medication is pale yellow such as the one above. So, could they be interchangeable? We simply ate ours for supper, and...

We read frequently that whitened sweet taters are less sweet and much more starchy than their orange alternatives. They're frequently suggested as an alternative for normal taters, but we believe otherwise. While whitened sweet taters are slightly less sweet than orange ones, they're no russets or yukon golds.

We ate ours roasting within the oven and capped with a few butter, salt, and brown sugar (just one one for reds, though, therefore we could perform a clean, objective taste test). A cooked whitened yams is drier than an orange one but nonetheless creamy after some butter included.

If you want sweet taters but desire a milder flavor, we'd use whitened sweet taters instead—they will go savory or sweet. One tip: We did discover that our whitened yams did not stay firm and fresh as lengthy as other taters, so eat fast!

Source: www.thekitchn.com
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