Potato and Egg Bake

September 18, 2015
I don t have a large skillet

A couple of days ago a buddy and that i got speaking about egg quality recipes (since she's chickens, and for that reason fresh eggs by the bucket load!) She pointed out she'd made egg stuffed taters plus they seemed so super tasty. I love baked taters. There's been a phase throughout the 3 of my pregnancy in which the only factor I wish to eat is really a large baked potato with sour cream, chives, and a lot of pepper. And That I always scarf them lower wanting these were also protein packed and so i could feel somewhat justified in eating them so frequently. This really is my answer! They are useless baked taters full of cheese and toppings by having an egg cracked in there. It type of all cooks together just like a tasty omelet. Think about it like hash browns and eggs all-in-one portioned edible container. This can be a fabulous meal for just one, or for an entire crew. You’ll need fully baked taters with this recipe. A great use for leftovers! You are able to bake them in advance, or before you'll need them. Slice a layer quickly the very best such as this:

after which have a spoon and lightly scoop the insides. You’ll wish to leave a layer of potato inside so don’t go too crazy. Save individuals insides for an additional meal! You may make mashed taters (have you ever all attempted the Mashed Roasting Garlic clove and Parmesan Taters within our book? Certainly one of my faves) or toss them in Baked Potato Soup.

You don’t need to do the following step, but It adds extra yuminess and flavor. Take some melted butter and brush within the potato throughout. You might just toss just a little pat of butter inside, but I love to coat the entire factor. Sprinkle inside a little pepper and salt too.

Now then add cheese. You may be creative cheddar is definitely an excellent pick, or opt for something similar to Fontina, Gruyere, or Muenster.

Choose any teeth fillings you want think about an omelet or perhaps a quiche and what you look for in something of that nature. Cheddar and diced pork, or possibly sauteed mushrooms with Gruyere. Or you might go southwest with sauteed peppers and let's eat some onions with pepperjack cheese. I’m taking a classic sausage and cheddar- can’t fail there.

Load it up about 3/4 full, after which crack an egg directly on top.

Sprinkle on a bit more pepper and salt

along with a couple of more toppings if you would like. I’m doing more cheese and sausage and a few eco-friendly let's eat some onions.

and pop the taters within the oven and bake for around 15-twenty minutes.

Now, even when you typically don’t much like your eggs cooked over easy, you’ll want to ensure that they're pretty soft within this recipe. The eggs will match the cheese and butter and make a myriad of flavor, what you don’t want is really a tasty baked potato having a hard boiled egg inside! It’s useful not to load the surface of your taters with the amount of toppings that you simply can’t begin to see the egg. The only method to fully realize how it’s cooked would be to keep close track of it and touch it for gentleness after about twenty minutes.

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