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August 10, 2015
Kale and Potato Soup with FAGE

One Recipe, Two Meals: Potato SoupGah! Potato soup.

To begin with, this weather slash temperature slash season just begs for potato soup. Really any soup, but especially potato. Why? Because it’s carbohydrates switched slurpable. And creamy. And wonderfully comforting. If a person puts a bowl of potato soup before the face there's no world that you would push it away. Difficult.

I’ve develop a simple potato recipe that’s strong with flavor, but pH-balanced for that little faces inside your crib.

Rather than boiling the taters in water, we’re using stock. Bam.

Rather than also boiling the vegetables, we saute first. Boom.

Rather than heavy cream, I stored it waist-friendly with straight-up dairy. Biggity.

And butter.

Always butter.

Can’t avoid the butter.

This soup is absurd out of the box! But for your children, ensure that it stays super simple with a lot of cheddar cheese on the top. Or free!

But for the adult faces, we obtain just a little crazy using the toppings. I’m speaking crumbled sausage, jalapeno all kinds of peppers, dollops of sour cream, cheese, some tasty chives. Yes.

Really, if you’ll pardon me, I will go toss the relaxation of the soup within my face right now. Join me?

3 russet taters, reduce 1-inch cubes
2 tbsps extra virgin essential olive oil
1/2 large red-colored onion, diced
2 celery stalks, sliced
4 cups chicken stock
2 cups milk
2 tbsps butter
Pepper and salt
4 slices sausage, made and chopped
Very finely sliced jalapeno pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Sour cream
Carefully chopped chives

Warmth the oil inside a deep pot over medium-high warmth. Add some let's eat some onions and celery. Saute a couple of minutes, before the vegetables start to soften. Add some taters and toss with a decent pinch of salt. Add some chicken stock and simmer for 25 minutes, before the taters soften. Adding the milk and butter, and stir until butter touches.

You now may have a couple of options. For those who have an immersion blender, simply stick the wand who are holding cards and provide it a couple of whizzes, mixing areas of the soup until it’s nice creamy. You’ll still want enough potato portions within the soup, so don’t overload, like I am inclined to do.

You may also scoop out a couple of glasses of the soup and transfer it to some blender or mixer. Blend until creamy and transfer it to the soup pot.

Or, you can just mash a couple of from the taters having a potato masher, departing it around the slightly chunkier side. It’s your decision!

After you’ve creamified it, provide another taste and add lots of pepper and salt as needed.

Scoop out just a little for the children and make it simple on their behalf with shredded cheddar along with a hug of chives! (Chives are optional, obviously.)

For you, adult faces, bunch your bowls with lots of chopped sausage, cheddar, little dollops of sour cream, sliced jalapeno all kinds of peppers and chives! You may also sub scallions should you can’t locate fairly easily chives.

Source: blog.foodnetwork.com
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