Best Potato Dishes

October 25, 2016
Warm Fava Shallot Couscous

If this involves simple sides, no vegetable takes the wedding cake that can compare with taters they’re simple to make in a rush, forever comforting and certain to please the most discerning people while dining. While a vintage baked spud is really a go-to preparation, a little of mashing, slicing and dicing, plus indulgent additions like butter and cream, will transform the standard potato right into a hearty staple. With no one recognizes that much better than The Pioneer Lady, that has greater than a couple of potato picks in her own ranch recipe toolbox. Continue reading below to obtain Ree Drummond’s top-five assumes taters, together with a cheesy two times-baked version and scalloped special gems studded with pork.

1. Perfect Potato Salad — Full of sweet pickles, hard-boiled eggs and fresh dill, Ree’s easy potato salad features a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard for added tang. Follow her lead and mash the spuds to attain a fluffy base.

2. Scalloped Taters and Pork — “The thinner the greater, ” Ree states of slicing the taters on her large-batch casserole. She layers these fine spuds with chopped pork, a thick, buttery onion sauce and lots of gooey Monterey Jack cheese to produce a stick-to-your-ribs side.

3. Creamy Mashed Taters — You’ll need to make Ree’s mashed taters a lasting fixture inside your recipe repertoire: Full of an over-the-top mixture of butter, cream cheese, half-and-half and cream, these smooth-smooth spuds shine each time.

4. Perfect Fried Potatoes — Because the component list with this recipe is really minimal (only a couple of kitchen staples), it’s by pointing out technique for making Ree’s failproof fries from Food Network Magazine. She decides for any double-fry method: one dip in lower-temperature oil to correctly prepare the taters, a second dunk in a greater temperature to show them golden brown and crispy.

5. Two times-Baked Taters — Crispy sausage bits, wealthy sour cream, gooey cheddar and fresh eco-friendly let's eat some onions have a buttery mashed potato filling to another decadent level in Ree’s timeless two times-baked special gems (pictured above). Click on the play button around the video above to look at her make sure they are.

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