Potatoes for breakfast healthy

January 13, 2016
Potatoes For Breakfast Healthy

breakfast potatoes from title=My hubby Serta includes a small but reliable repertoire of dishes he loves to make. These breakfast taters take presctiption that list, and that he cooks them up virtually weekly.

Because he got began with planning them a week ago, he explained I ought to put these taters on my small blog. And also, since I usually pay attention to my hubby (ok not necessarily, however a lot), here you decide to go.

Serta loves to use small red-colored or whitened taters, but we lately learned that it’s nice to include some sweet taters, too. This ups the “healthiness factor” and helps make the finished taters look really pretty, too.

There exists a large “island” in which the preparing happens, and Maddie always pulls up excrement to assist. Dylan generally sleeps right until breakfast is prepared: I shouldn't be 12 again however i will admit I type of miss doing that…

We’ve discovered that cooking a leisurely breakfast is a superb time for you to involve Mads while putting food up for grabs. It is also a lot of fun to rehearse knife skills…

…and math!

We love to our taters with numerous of let's eat some onions, that are sauteed within the drippings leftover from cooking pastured sausage (use organic butter or essential olive oil should you not do sausage).

Before adding the chopped taters towards the pan using the let's eat some onions, Serta loves to add these to a pot of cold water and produce it to some boil. He doesn’t watch cooking shows or read cook books, so I don't know where he acquired this tip, but we have a classic problem or a couple of Cook’s Highlighted within the bathroom so that’s most likely it :)

When creating these breakfast taters, you have to work just a little at locating the perfect balance between moving the items in the pan around so everything cooks evenly/nothing burns, and pressing everything lower which means you get individuals desirable golden brown edges.

I understand you will find plenty of plenty of methods to make breakfast taters, however these are actually the most popular we like them alongside crisp sausage and eggs from your backyard chickens.

How about you? Have you got a favorite breakfast potato method we ought to learn about? Or perhaps a favorite Sunday breakfast tradition? Tell me!

Yield: serves 4+


*3 cups chopped organic taters (we use small red-colored and/or whitened taters)

*1 cup chopped organic yams

*1 1/4 cup chopped onion

*2 tbsps minced garlic clove

*2 tbsps essential olive oil

*1 tablespoon body fat from pastured sausage (or use butter or even more essential olive oil)

Source: www.healthygreenkitchen.com
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